Dekel Designs

Dekel Designs

Dekel Designs came about through the honest love of all things crafty and glittery. There was never a clear intention to start a business, but rather to experiment and find ways to make unique decor to add that special something to family events. Soon the demand expanded and Dekel Designs was born.

It has humble beginnings starting with custom made party packs, paper birthday decor, maternity sashes, paper flower bouquets for weddings and now provides home decor in the form of custom made canvas frames.

Contact us with your requirements.

How to order

Step One

Contact us either through email or on Facebook.

Step Two

Stipulate the date of your event.

Step Three

Send a detailed description including photos of the decor you are using for inspiration.

Step Four

50% deposit is required up-front before any work can commence. This is cover materials and to secure your order with Dekel Designs.

Step Five

Arrange delivery or collect your completed items from Durbanville Cape Town.

A Word From The Owner

Dekel Designs

Taryn Dekel

Craft-wizz, Copywriter, Entrepreneur
Copywriter by day and craft-wizz by night, this mother of one doesn’t stop for anything. I work tirelessly to ensure that your event has the perfect handcrafted decor, made to your specifications. I am a one woman operation and guarantee the best workmanship, the perfectionist in me wouldn’t allow anything less!